These past few days had been good for Kamion.

The code for extracting the archives has been rewritten from scratch and comitted to the KDE’s SVN. The library now supports adding shell wildcards for resource definition in the XML configuration files. (version of the library is 0.9.2)

The Kamion GUI news

The GUI is almost complete and ready for testing (well, it will be when I put the testing XML configuration files somewhere where you can get them from).

The main visible change is the new confirmation and finalization steps. Unfortunately, the QT’s support for HTML is low so the looks are not as fancy as I wanted them to be, but I’m satisfied. You can see them in the screenshots:

More screenshots…

And for the end of this post I would like to thank you all for being interested in this project. Special thanks to Nathan Sanders who has been monitoring this project since the beginning. Cheers!