Well, for the last few days I didn’t have a chance to connect to blogger (like the most of the people here at aKademy who do not have their laptops with them).

So this is the attempt to override the blogger problems with the help of the Flock web browser.

So, here you are, a few updates about stuff finished at the hacking sessions here in Glasgow:

Kamion now follows some Accessibility stuff concerning colors and styles thanks to Olaf’s presentation. It will need some love, but the main idea is implemented.

The second is that I’ve made my first Plasma engine for monitoring the items in the filesystem. For example if you give it a directory, it will return the contents of it; if you give it a file it will return the basic meta info about the file. If you give it a non-existant path, the engine will return empty data. When anything changes - file is changed, deleted, directory is deleted or created, everything is updated automatically. So the node that was non-existant (empty) will show the appropriate data about a file or directory the moment it is created.