Well, most of the participants of this year’s aKademy left Glasgow way to early, and have missed to see the city go live on Saturday. Since I had no company, I decided to drift alone - the thing I love to do here in Belgrade.

First of all, it was sunny (wonders happen) and the streets were filled with non-drunk but happy people (again, wonders happen). Every street had it’s own musician or stunt performer so you could choose between blues, rock, folk music, acrobats and more. Or you could join the religious corrtege or the demonstrations against terrorism an the George Square.

A few days ago near the hostel I was intercepted by a girl that works for some against-cancer organization and we talked for a while, and lucky me, we met once again so we chatted a bit more and exchanged some memories.

The next thing on my todo list was to say goodbye to the girl that worked in the shop we used to buy sandwiches in. It seamed like we know each other for ages and both of us were sad that I need to go home.

And finally, when I didn’t know where else to go, I went to the library and sat in front of it on the concrete block like a hobo. People passed and smiled to me (not at me) and nodded while passing… I felt almost like I was a part of the city… I enjoyed.