First the screenshot:

Here goes the message I have just posted to panel-devel:

It is a general purpose displaying component with categories a on the left side, search bar and filters on the top. (the thing we’ve discussed earlier on this list)

The state of the widget is as follows:

  • The UI layout is finished
  • Abstract classes for models/items defined
  • All filtering capabilities working (categories, search and special filters)

What needs to be done:

  • The Delegate for the items. The curent implementation of the delegate only renders the item in a fancy [but ugly] way, but does not provide the favorite alteration icon, nor ‘more details’ option.

NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: Since I have no time to continue working on this at the moment (exams, bloody exams), I have submitted the code to the SVN. (trunk/playground/base/plasma/appletbrowser/)

So are there any wolonteers for the only TODO item that needs to be finished before it can be used in Plasma?

Cheers, Ivan

p.s. I hate QT’s model/view design…