If you remember, in my last blog wrote that I’m searching for someone to finish the KCategorizedItemsView widget for Plasma. And I got lucky yesterday - I volunteered for the job. Yes, that’s right, I’m volunteering to finish the project I have no time to finish. :)

So, what has been done yesterday?

  • First of all, the widget/dialog is redesigned to follow some Aaron’s suggestions. The categories list is removed and the categories are in the drop down on the top.
  • The new delegate for painting the list items is awesome and cool, and awesome, and … did I mention cool?
  • It has a clickable star for making an applet favorite/bookmarked.
  • It has emblems for applets that are under special categories such as ‘Recommended by KDE’ and ‘Used in past’.

Everything mentioned before is enclosed in the KCategorizedItemsView widget which can be reused outside of Plasma.

As for Plasma-specific stuff, you can now use the browser to add the applets to the desktop in a drag-and-drop style.

You’ll have to wait a bit for the screenshots/screencasts because I’m doing a clean KDE4 build at the moment - so it’ll take some time.