Well, first of all, I’ve moved my blog away from Blogger to my own domain powered by the all-mighty WordPress. The first step was to make it look unique an pretty - so a new WP theme was born.

Then I thought of what would be fit to celebrate the moving, and it just occurred to me - why not make a Plasma theme that will be based on this blog design? Making a Plasma theme is surprisingly easy job so I encourage you all to give it a try.

The only obstacle I had, was that the painting of the borders was done by repeating the border pattern, and I needed my borders to be stretched. So, after a small patch to the Plasma’s background painting routine, Plasma now has the ability to paint both pattern (default option) and stretched background borders. The only thing you need to do if you want your borders to be stretched is to create an object in the SVG file called “hint-stretch-borders”.

Here’s a obligatory screenshot of a couple of more prominent widgets using the new theme.

My Plasma Theme Screenshot
My Plasma Theme Screenshot

P.S. One thing more about the new blog is that for validating user comments I’ve activated the reCAPTCHA system that helps in digitalizing books by giving you (people that make the comments) words that the OCR can not understand