There are a couple of things under way in the world of the Knights of Kamelot

Lancelot’s future
Lancelot’s future

Instead of doing the application browsing (which I should really start doing soon) I did something that was more fun (just like the last time with composite…).

Well, at least it seamed more fun before I started doing it - it was a real pain to do.

Lancelot’s parts on the desktop

Aaron expressed a wish about having the Lancelot itself embeddable into desktop as an applet (not only the launching button, but the whole Lancelot). At first I said no because I have made a couple of strange decisions while doing the low-level Lancelot stuff with purpose of overcoming a couple of strange decisions in Plasma’s design and in QGraphicsView. (I relied heavily on having just one instance of Lancelot at a time and made more than a couple of things to be static/singleton…)

So after painful and slow reorganization, all of that is moved to Lancelot::Instance… and now it works… when you know how to use it. Fortunately, I made it so I [still] know how to use it… The result of that can be seen on the left part of the screenshot. It is the Places list from Lancelot’s window placed onto the Plasma’s desktop. The aim is to be able to drag-n-drop parts of the Lancelot UI onto the desktop.

Alternative, smaller UI

The second thing that started to appear is alternative UI for the menu. You remember the old one where you had a button that invokes the menu, and inside the menu, there were section buttons?

Well, this is similar except that if you have enough space on your panel (or in the case of the screenshot, on the desktop) you can configure the applet to show the section buttons, and then they are not shown inside the menu.

The old UI will be the default one.

Slowing down the pace

I’m aware that I’m drifting away from the main things that need to be done. The things are going to get even worse because my exams are coming closer :(… So don’t expect this pace of updates in the following few weeks…

p.s. I’m very sleepy right now, so the post is… well… boring?… sorry for that…