Due to a lot of SPAM pingbacks waiting for moderation, I have realized that I haven’t posted anything for a long time.

So, what is happening?

Unfortunately not much. At the moment, I have to prepare my exams, and therefore I don’t have enough time to prepare Lancelot for 4.o even in the state I wanted it to be.

This maybe is even a good thing. Lancelot was supposed to be useful for 4.o, but without most of the advanced features and reconfigurability. I suppose that I would get a vast amount of feature requests that I already planned to have in the future. Besides that, people would probably be turned off of Lancelot and would never give it a second chance.


Some things /are/ done which were planned for 4.1. The latest is rearranging the items… or to call it flipping.

The thing that is responsible for rearranging is the FlipLayout which is a meta-layout that is able to use any other layout for the actual item arranging, but flips it horizontally, vertically or both.

Here is an example of creating the layout:

layoutMain = new Lancelot::FlipLayout < Plasma::BorderLayout >();

And this is everything you needed to do. The FlipLayout is a drop-in replacement for any other layout so the only change you need to make to your code to add the flip support is to replace YourLayout with Lancelot::FlipLayout < YourLayout > - and that’s it.

Note: as you can see, the FlipLayout is in Lancelot’s namespace - it is not in libplasma. If you would like it to be in libplasma, just ask…