Well, the ACID3 test is out, and it’s time to see the state of the current browsers on ‘the market’

Follows a list of browsers and their results taken from http://web-graphics.com/2008/03/03/the-acid3-test/, with one addition - Konqueror was not tested there.

Edit: Added a couple more tests - thanks for all who contributed

WebKit (Nightly - rev. 30790) 90 < Edit
Firefox 3 (Nightly) 67 < Edit
Opera 9.50 65
Konqueror 4 63
Firefox 3b3 59
Firefox 2 50
Konqueror 3.5.8 ~50 (see the comments below for details) < Edit
Opera 9.26 46
Safari 3.0.4 39
IE 8b1 17 < Edit (thanks to all who tested)
IE 7 6-12 depending on installed plugins

As you can see, amongst stable versions (in bold), Konqueror beats them all. Hip, hip, hooray for Konqueror (KHTML) devs! And one hip and hooray for WebKit!