Well, I confess that I could be called lazy and all, since there is not that much visible progress in Lancelot’s world. But I have a couple of excuses:

  • Exams. Unfortunately, I have obligations beside KDE, Plasma and Lancelot. If somebody would like to pay me to do KDE work, I would gladly accept. :)
  • Plasma breakage. As you probably know, Plasma went through API review and conversion to WoC. So, that had to be done for Lancelot as well. And it was quite painful since Lancelot is based on completely custom-made widgets (now in a separate liblancelot library).

So, enough complaining and excuses, Lancelot is now again in buildable state, and more importantly, in a screenshottable state:

Lancelot WoC
Lancelot WoC

(the wallpaper atm is from NetBeans projet’s website).

The news include:

  • PUCK: Improvements to PUCK (Plasma UI Compiler) which now has an automatic module generator for custom classes. It parses the class definition and generates Python modules for PUCK (most Lancelot modules for PUCK are generated using this).
  • libLancelot: The backgrounds for all widgets are based on SvgPanel.
  • Lancelot launcher applet: The main applet is rewritten, and it has a few glitches at the moment. The configuration is now complying with the new Plasma’s configuration framework.
  • Lancelot menu: Have I mentioned that it is screenshottable? Nothing more than that ATM.

That’s all for today. Cheerio!