Still not there

It is time to admit it - Lancelot will not be ready for 4.1. (like you didn’t see that coming)

I know I promised that it will be in a working shape by 4.o, and finished for 4.1, but there were a couple of obstacles for that goal.

  • First, there is the fact that Decibel and Akonadi are not finished yet so Lancelot is not able to show the Contacts section. This was the main reason L was not released for 4.o, and still is a show-stopper. Unfortunately it is not the only one.
  • Another thing are the problems introduced by the migration to WoC. It took me a lot of time to port everything to /new Plasma/ and there still are some glitches (mostly in the applet, not in the application) that I’m trying to fix.

Well, that is really all…

So, where are we?

The current state of L is not at all that bad when I come to think of it. I have started using it as my main ALI again, and I even use it instead of KRunner for most of the time. Most of the things that worked before WoC transition, work now as well - the application browser, system and documents sections and the KRunner integration.

Lancelot 4.1 State
Lancelot 4.1 State

(Currently) Known issues

  • It crashes sometimes when browsing through the applications - currently under investigation
  • It is uglier than before (lowest priority problem at the moment)
  • It is not configurable (except for applet)
  • Contacts section doesn’t work - under construction
  • Slowness
  • Smaller easily fixable problems