Just joking, I haven’t introduced a proper versioning, but the current state could be dubbed as “alpha 2” (yes, I took the version from amarokers, but have no cute child-knight to show you to compete with their little wolf).

I got a bit of a development boost by Beojan Stanislaus who sent me a patch for a bug in the launcher applet concerning the layout and the size of the icons. After that I just couldn’t stop tinkering with it.

I’ll get into making the configuration interface soon, and then the polishing will begin.

I will skip doing the plug-in system for the first stable release, and will probably not succeed in replacing the current list widgets with a work-in-progress ones that will have real scrollbars and keyboard input support. (yes, Lancelot can not be manipulated by using only the keyboard at the moment, but that is the most important feature that I’m planing to add)

P.S. Are there any objections to make the “sections in the panel” instead of “one icon launches the menu with sections inside” as the default?