Yes, this is the last milestone before the 1.0 release of Lancelot. This means that Lancelot now has all features the final version will have.


The first thing you’ll notice new is a small Lancelot icon in the corner of the window

This is a door to the Lancelot’s configuration (one of the doors to be precise). When that button is activated, you get a menu with a couple of options.

The alternative to this menu is to right-click the launcher applet. It now provides access to menu’s configuration as well as its own.

I decided to keep the configuration dialogue minimal in this version since there is no need to configure mail and chat programs since only kmail and kopete are supported. And the same goes for office applications which point to OpenOffice, Gimp and Inkscape, at, least until the final version of KOffice 2 arrives.

Other news

Many things got polished, for example the breadcrumb, and a couple of bugs got squashed. You can see the active Lancelot related bugs here. Obviously, I tend to keep that list minimal at all times :)


The 1.0 version is planned in the first half of September. Possibly followed by 1.0.1 bugfix release somewhere after 20th of September. That will most probably be the last Lancelot release for KDE 4.1.