Well, after today, I really will not add any features to the 4.1 branch. I know I said this before, but this time I really mean it! This is now a hard feature freeze.

What does this mean?

This means that from now on only bugfixes will be introduced, but Lancelot will look and behave the same as it does at the moment of writing. There are a couple of things in line for fixing (for example a bit more polished click-on-the-button-close-the-menu). So, you can consider it as a Release Candidate 1.

This also implies that the trunk version is now where all future and feature development will occur. (BTW, I’ve got some great news concerning Kopete’s D-Bus) So, in a sense, this marks the beginning of the era of Lancelot 2.0 development. Bugfixes will obviously be shared between the 4.1 branch and the trunk (for a specified period of time), but that will be all.

What’s new since M4?

The latest addition is the ability to drag the items from the application browser. Now you can drag the applications to the desktop to make icons of them, you can drag application categories to show them as folderviews etc.

You can drag them from the lists, but from the breadcrumb bar as well. If you drag the Favourite applications from the breadcrumb bar, it will be shown as a Lancelot part.

One side-effect of having all that is that now, if you want, you could show a folder in a Lancelot Part instead of FolderView. It is not meant to replace the FolderView, since it lacks any file manager functions, but if you just want to create a launcher with a custom set of applications, Lancelot Part is a perfect solution.

p.s. If you drag an application category to the desktop but you only see a list of directories (or subcategories) and not the applications, it’s not my fault, but a fault of applications:/ KIO service.