_… I’m afraid when I’m in this idiom, I sometimes get a bit, uh, sort of carried away.
Sir Lancelot, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If you’ve been watching the SVN logs, you might have noticed the tagging of the Lancelot 1.0. And now it is official!

Lancelot 1.0
Lancelot 1.0


Lancelot is an alternative menu, or application launcher interface, for KDE 4.x series. If Kickoff or KMenu don’t fit you, feel free to try it. Lancelot provides a quick access to the most used applications, to your devices, contacts etc. in a familiar yet refreshing way.

1.0 Release highlights

  • Optional no-click interface which allows you to navigate through the menu and perform any action in it without making a single click.
  • The layout of the menu adapts so that most used parts are always closer to the mouse cursor.
  • Advanced search capabilities. Thanks to KRunner integration, you can search not only your applications, but also contacts, bookmarks and many more (even a calculator is included).
  • You can place parts of the menu directly onto the desktop or your panel for quicker access.

Documentation/Usage manual

Although the documentation is not finished, the basic usage section is. You can reach it at lancelot.fomentgroup.org/docs

Some statistics

I thought it would be interesting to compare the sizes of Plasma and Lancelot since the later is based on the former.

The first is the line-count of all source files (only .cpp for C++ and .py for Python are included)

liblancelot 5916
lancelot    4482
puck        1470
total      11868 lines

libplasma  21903
plasma     33611
total      55514 lines

So Lancelot is one fifth of Plasma. Not bad :)


I would just like to thank all of you who have tested Lancelot in the past, all of you who are making distribution packages, all of you who provided feedback and all of you I forgot to mention in the first part of this sentence.


Only 3 pixels, and 5 lines of code were harmed during the making of this project.

p.s. If the popularity of this blog could be measured by the SPAM messages it receives, I have to say that approaching the 1.0 version was a real traffic drawer :)