Well, we are going to reach the final step in the evolution of Lancelot for KDE 4.1 very soon. Will it be called 1.1 or something else, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that Lancelot is more stable than ever, and even has a new feature.

Changelog since 1.0

  • Feature update: “Reset the [application] browser to show Favourites on menu open” option, which is the default behaviour from now on.
  • Installation fixed. Thanks to the bug or whatever in the new cmake 2.6, there were problems installing Lancelot - no binaries were installed in most cases. It even got a /quick fix/ in the FAQ section of the L’s website. Now, that is a thing of the past thanks to the Than Ngo who sent me a patch that mysteriously and miraculously fixes this problem.
  • Crashes… no more. The 1.0 was stable enough in my opinion, so most of you haven’t had any problems with it. But then, there are those of you who were less fortunate. And those of you who had the 1.0.1 installed which had a really nasty bug. All reported crashes are now fixed. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to crash Lancelot (for example it crashed to me today - some misunderstanding with KRunner and it’s code) but it means that it is harder to crash it than before :)

Media coverage

I am glad to see much more positive reviews on the internet than the negative ones (the negative ones being mostly forum posts). The coverage culminated by Lancelot’s feature at linux.com. The blogosphere was also kind to Lancelot, so I’ve encountered reviews on Spanish, Russian, French, Polish…

So, once again, thanks to you all for helping and supporting the journey Lancelot development was, and for making it such a pleasure. Now, we are going to go to the new heights :)

p.s. The cool thing is that when you search “Lancelot” on Google (just Lancelot, without mentioning KDE), you get this Lancelot two times in the first 10 results - one has the 3rd place, and the other has the 6th.