I must say that the Lancelot brainstorm topic on KDE forums is a success. Thanks to everyone who decided to get involved, and a special thanks goes to Aaron for twitting about it (I guess that it brought a fair share of visitors).


As of today, Lancelot can (again) be considered stable enough (the trunk version that is) for daily usage. We are nearing KDE 4.2, which in Lancelot’s terms mean that we are nearing the 1.5 version. Although it is a .x upgrade to 1.0 that was released for KDE 4.1 in September this year, it is far from being a minor update. I can freely say that it now has all the features that I need* :). Now, there is only a matter of getting used to being able to use it without the mouse at all (I’ve got used to having to click on the search result to activate it instead of just pressing Enter).

  • this is one of the reasons i decided to create the brainstorm topic - it is easier just to ask you what you want, than to guess :)


I said ‘stable enough’, not perfect, so there are a couple of items I need to fix. For example, the scrollbars in the application browser sometimes show up in a wrong place (no, I’ll restrain myself of commenting on QGV layouting mechanisms and quirks).

The second is a problem related to theming of the parts applet - the scrollbars are not shown in the part applet (that is, they are shown as 1 pixel wide lines) because there is no theme for them yet. I will probably use the default scrollbars from the Plasma theme for the parts applet (not for the menu though).