So, if you are following the kde-cvs-announce mailing list, you have seen this message about tomorrow’s changes that are bound to hit the SVN.

In a nutshell, when KDE 4.2.x is concerned, this means a couple of things:

  • 4.2 is moving away from the trunk, and starts its life in its own branch.
  • 4.2 is entering the last stage before tagging it as /final/

While this is great news for 4.2, it is even better for 4.3. This means that the SVN trunk is now exiting the /feature freeze/ state. This is a great thing for developers because the development becomes fun again (squashing bugs can not be labeled as fun), great for PlanetKDE readers since you’ll get real news from now on, and great for feature junkies for obvious reasons.

Lancelot 1.5

Lancelot’s version that will be branched tomorrow is the final 1.5. Compared to the one in beta 2 (1.4.9), it has a couple of bugs (that you haven’t noticed, if is to be consulted) fixed and is ready for prime-time. :)

Now the development of your suggestions can begin!