Hi all!

First I would like to point out that there are two new Plasma themes on kde-look. Well, at least two my new themes. Or to be even more precise, there is one new theme and one old that is new. Or new that is old. Or one theme… OK, I’ll stop now.

One of the themes is Spoons, which is now named Spoons Original, and is currently the oldest Plasma theme in existence (that’s why I couldn’t really say that there is a new theme on kde-look).



The other one is a sibling, possibly the younger sister of the aforementioned. The reason I have never used Spoons as my theme (as my Plasma theme, that is - it serves perfectly as the theme for my blog) is that it is too bold and eye-poking. So, the slimmer one was born. This is the first theme that I think could replace Slim Glow on my computer.

The main difference between Slim Glow and Spoons Lite is that the former helps the widgets on the desktop to be placed on the sidelines - not to draw attention, while the later helps them to be in focus, but still not to be too invasive.

Qt 4.5 and Lancelot

There have been issues when running Lancelot on systems with Qt 4.5 (or 4.4.4 snapshots) installed. Mainly, the Applications section was empty. Or, rather not empty, just appeared as it is - you could use the keyboard to /blindly/ browse the applications. It is now a thing of the past (at least when 4.5 is concerned - haven’t tested 4.4.4). It is now fixed in trunk and it works for all testers at bugs.kde.org.

The interesting thing is that L behaved differently when compiled against 4.4 and ran under 4.5 than when compiled under 4.5.

Qt bug

Fortunately enough, while fixing this, I’ve found a hack that I made a long time ago to bypass a Qt bug that I forgot to report when I initially encountered it (before KDE 4.1 was released). So, I’ve sent the report to the Trolls and I hope it will not go in the ‘we intended it this way’ pile.

Lancelot news

Apart from fixing bugs related to the Qt 4.5, there are some new cool things in Lancelot and its theming mechanism. I will leave it for some other time since this post is already a long one. And I need to make screenshots first.

So, stay tuned.

p.s. And merry new Lenny