There are a couple more feature requests marked as FINISHED in Lancelot’s TODO file.

1. Wasted space

In previous versions of Lancelot, when using the no-click activation, there was some space between the lists while browsing the applications. The space was needed because of extenders and scroll-bars. Scroll-bars, obviously, still need the space like before, but the extenders don’t.

The initial proposal was to make the extender inside the list item itself, so it would be an /intender/, and not extender. :) This wasn’t that great idea since that would induce a lot of accidental activations - you hover the end of an item, the /intender/ pops right below the cursor, and since it is hovered, it activates.

The alternative was to allow the extenders to go outside the list, and that is exactly what is going on now. The extenders now can overlap the space of the neighbouring list. So, in a nutshell, the extenders from one list, and the scroll-bar of another are sharing the same space.

Lancelot Features Part 2
Lancelot Features Part 2

2. More than breadcrumbs

The second requested feature that was implemented today was to show the trail in the application browser, not only in the breadcrumb bar, but also in the lists. This worked before when using keyboard for navigation through the application browser (aka PassagewayView), but not when using the mouse. It now works for mouse too.

3. Why do I search for empty strings?

This one is the smallest change for today - instead of showing you the message ‘Search query is empty’, Lancelot returns to the Applications section.

UPDATE: I was too lazy to create another post… and not enough news for one.

4. I want to hide my tracks!

It is now possible to right-click and item in Recent Documents, and remove it, as well as to clear the whole document history.

5. Race the Dolphin through the hoops

There were a few requests to make Lancelot use Dolphin’s places. I thought it will be tricky to do that since L separates devices from places, but fortunately it was not the case. Dolphin stores the places information in a XBEL formated file (bookmarks format) and provides a nice distinction between the devices and places. Note that the places are not automatically reloaded. I could do that easily, but IMHO reserving an iNotify slot for just that would be a waste.

This also means that there is now a XBEL-based model for Lancelot. It doesn’t support bookmark folders, but it will eventually.