OK, it is now safe to write this post. The April 1st has passed, and now all of us (except the Onion news authors, obviously) are returning to the every-day reality.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time lately to do anything serious, so I’ve tackled the multi-process web browser that I have mentioned last time.

It received some standard web-browsing features such as loading a page when you type the address in the address bar, and similar :)

But that’s not the reason behind writing this this post. You know how Firefox and Konqueror ask you whether you want to restore your last session after a crash? Well, it is a good feature, but I’ve got one even better.

Webbie Notifications
Webbie Notifications

When a site makes an illegal move, and induces a crash in QtWebKit, instead of crashing the whole application (like in most other browsers), it only closes the tab it belongs to. OK, that’s not new. The new thing is that I’ve ported a notification system that I made some time ago for another application, so that when a tab is lost, it can be recovered very easily - just click ‘Reopen’ (see the screenshot).

I haven’t used KDE’s system wide notifications since I wanted to make them local (there’s no point in bogging the system notifications with things like these).

The next step will be to implement more advanced, but still standard browsing features. The smart address bar will be one of the first. It could probably end up in Konqueror and Rekonq eventually. (Nepomuk tags for bookmarks…)