I’ve had a few busy days closing Lancelot bug reports. There is only one left that is relevant for KDE 4.3, that is only one that is confirmed and not a feature request.

There are quite a few other fixes that somebody could even consider as new features. But realizing that we are in the hard feature freeze period, logically, those are only bug fixes, and not (and I repeat NOT) new features. :)

Kopete integration

The first one is that the Kopete integration works better than before. I’ve just submitted my first patch to Kopete’s code-base fixing a glitch in the D-Bus interface that was stopping Lancelot from accessing the online contacts. (There were some important changes in Kopete that had a side-effect of making its D-Bus interface useless) This has also fixed Lancelot bug 170437: Lancelot-Kopete integration breaks if ocntacts are sync’d with KAddressbook

The parts applet

The parts applet handles the applications:/ KIO much better, so no more wrong icons and application titles. The other great news concerning the Parts applet is that it no longer shows its ugly icon when you add it to the panel. Now, unless you have set a custom icon, it uses the icon representing the data-model in it. So, for example, if you drag the ‘[KMail] Unread messages’ to the panel, you’ll get KMail icon.


I’ve got a request to explain how to use the new GMail data engine with Lancelot.

Before that, I just need to state that it doesn’t work well, and that it is just a proof of the concept at the moment. And that is the reason behind the fact it is located in the Playground.

Step1: compile and install plasma playground

Step2: open ~/.kde/share/config/lancelotrc file

Step3: add mailPlugins=lancelot_gmail or imPlugins=lancelot_gmail to the [Main] section of the file depending on where you want to show the unread GMail messages (mailPlugins is the left column)

Step4: restart lancelot (kquitapp lancelot && lancelot)

Step5: enter the username and password (and set it to be saved in KWallet)

Step6: don’t report missing features, or bugs

That’s it.