I am rather excited to announce that Lancelot is one of the finalists in the SourceForge community choice awards for the present year, and that it is a finalist in no more and no less than two categories - “Best Visual Design” and “Most Likely To Change The Way You Do Everything”.

I want to thank all supporters, and I’d like to invite you yet again to join the click-fest called the ‘voting’. By clicking the image above, you’ll get a small questionnaire where you can choose your favourite projects. Lancelot will be automatically selected in its respective categories. Naturally, you can choose another project for those, but I strongly encourage you not to do that :)

Apart from Lancelot, I do suggest you to vote for Avogadro (“Best Project for Academia” category) and Audacity (if you find it as good as I do). For the other categories, I’ll leave the suggestions to other people and you.

Cheerio, and one big THANK YOU!

the small print: * last time as far as the SourceForge community choice awards of this year is concerned :)