I’m getting reports that Lancelot has a black border on some distributions - like in this picture: http://imagebin.ca/view/h1oGpJ.html.

If you have this problem, please file a bug report for the distribution you’re using. I’ve already sent a mail [1] to kde-packager mailing list, but it looks like some distributions’ packagers don’t really follow that list.

I don’t get why the kdeplasma-addons is compiled on a separate system (or virtual machine) compared to libplasma and plasma and with a different set of installed libraries.

[1] Hi all,

It have come to my attention that in
some distributions (no need to specify
which) Lancelot is compiled without the
support for compositing while the
plasma is composite-enabled.

While compiling Lancelot, you should
ensure the presence of libXcomposite,
libXrender and libXdamage development files.

Cheers and thanks in advance,