I’m aware that I could write more often from Tokamak 3, but I’m too lazy. I’m now recompiling KDE, so I have the time.

First, the most important things - we are having a great time, both fun and productive, and I just can’t wait to see all the ideas mentioned here implemented.

I’m gonna mention only the things I’ll be doing soon (and that I’m doing right now).

Plasma + Nepomuk activities

So, you know, the plasma activities? Those don’t make so much sense at the moment, but the idea is to make the whole environment aware of them. And to make the rest of the environment able to control and manage them.

I’ve already written a Nepomuk service that manages activities, and a library that gives the applications access to this service without the need to deal with d-bus and nepomuk. The library is almost finished - the only thing left to do is some pretty way to deal with the /offline/ mode (when the nepomuk is disabled).

The next step is to connect/synchronize the plasma’s activities to this service. Mind that this is only the beginning - the future will bring applications that will be able to adapt to the running activity… (and it will bring a nice and fancy interface for all of that)

Imagine Kickoff, Lancelot, Raptor with favourite applications that depend on the task you’re dealing with at that moment… the file dialog’s and dolphin’s places…

Kickoff + KRunner

The second thing that should have a large impact is something nobody really expected me to do - to replace the current search mechanism in Kickoff (yes, the KICKOFF!!!) with KRunner, just like Lancelot does.

It really is weird that I should improve a /competing/ program, but Sebas asked to do it, so… why not. (he, he, even with that Kickoff will suck compared to Lancelot and Raptor ;) )

OK, enough for tonight, see you later…