First of all, let me just say that Tokamak 3 experience was more fun than riding on a carrousel under the influence of LSD (or so I heard) and more strange than some of the episodes of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus (which was, by the way, quoted many times - mostly by Aaron and me).

All kudos go to Mario, the father of our big Tokamak family, and all in all a swell guy. We taught the Brazilians (Ana and Artur) what snow is, and I think they will remember it for a long time :D :P

Ok, enough about the fun parts. You were/are able to read about many things that were done during T3, so I’ll not bother you with the others’ work. I’m just going to write an update to the last post.

KRunner + Kickoff

Kickoff in trunk now uses KRunner as its search engine. There are a few bugs and a few concerns about functionality that will be resolved soon.

At the moment, all runners in KRunner are active in Kickoff as well, but that will change since we’ll need to make a whitelist of approved runners to avoid Kickoff crashing the plasma-desktop process on an error in KRunner. This means that Kickoff’s search will be less powerful than the KRunner and Lancelot, but that’s the price of running in the plasma-desktop process.

Plasma + Nepomuk

The service for activities runs well and is located in the playground, and so is the testing client. The current work is to completely integrate it into Plasma which has proven to be more complicated than I expected at first. The thing that makes it hard is the need of libplasma to stay API and ABI compatible. The Plasma::Context class has been introduced some time ago, but it did nothing and some methods defined in it weren’t sufficiently granular.

At first I tried to implement everything with no API changes, but I’ve hit a wall very soon and had to deprecate a few methods, and introduce a new class named GlobalContext. It seems to work, so I’ve now switched on to implement the handlers in the plasma-desktop. I hope to have it working till the end of the week so that I could post it all for an API review.

Favourite applications

I was hoping to have more time to talk to Ruphy about making a library for handling the usage data and favourite applications handling (to be used in Raptor and Lancelot… and possibly in other menus) but Ruphy could stay for only a few days. I’ll have to start the discussion about this on plasma-devel when I finish the activity stuff and when I look the relevant parts of Raptor’s code.


Photos will come later… hopefully from other guys and gals aswell (torrent comes to mind)