A small visual update of Lancelot’s pies:

Concerning bars instead of pies:

  1. Bars below the text (like in dolphin) will not be implemented:

    I’m trying to keep everything in Lancelot generic enough with a complete model-view separation, so introducing a widget just for a specific model is not an option. Comment by Ivan Čukić — 7 February 2010

  2. Bars as a part of the icon

    This one would be allowed when concerning the above statement. But I don’t really see the point in doing it. When the usability is concerned, bars are more desired when comparing multiple statistical variables (national growth per year), while when percentages are concerned, pies are the way to go (and to increase the usability even more – these are color coded – from blue, through yellow to red). Introducing a new feature just for the sake of it is not something I’m willing to do. If you can convince me that bars* are better** than pies, I’m ready to listen.

  • bars that can fit into the icon itself like the current pies do. ** better as in “should replace the pies” - having a configuration option for something this insignificant would be a waste of space.
I’m going to Tokamak 4
I’m going to Tokamak 4