This one will be short, I don’t really have the will for writing - it is half past midnight here.

The activities infrastructure is mostly finished - now only polishing is left to be done.

The new organization goes like this:

The core activity-related features are placed into a kded module which doesn’t depend on anything but Qt and the core kde libraries. The class for writing the clients of this service (any program that wants to be able to react to activity changes etc.) will be in kdelibs. The API is minimal and very easy to use - it took me only a couple of minutes to patch KWrite to be able to use activities.

The second part is the revamped Nepomuk Activities service (I already blogged about it - the changes made at T4 were mainly related to make it fit the new arhitecture). If it is running, the above class passes all the info to it. Running the service enables the access to extra meta-data regarding documents and activities.

The third, and last part is the manager class which will be in kdebase/workspace (most probably) because it is only intended to be used by kwin and plasma. Normal programs shouldn’t use it.

The next step is the UI - kwin and plasma