It is a well known fact that devs hate writing the user documentation (we are not even fond of writing devel documentation), so it was the same case for me and Lancelot’s manual.

But from time to time our conscience tells us that we should do something about it. In this case, the role of my conscience was played by annma :)

In preparation for KDE SC 4.5, I’ve updated the main userbase page for Lancelot and added two more detailed articles - one to contain the basic instructions and one that compares Lancelot to other launchers.

The comparison is most probably biased (although I tried hard for it not to be), so any help in that department is appreciated. (any help in any department is more than appreciated)

Now, the article that is yet left to be written is the introduction to the Shelf applet (ex Lancelot Part) and I’ll be able to rest on my laurels with the shiny new Lancelot that will be published with the KDE SC 4.5. :)