Some time ago, Nuno was talking about us (KDE) modifying/adapting artwork we have to suit distributions so that both KDE and distribution brand can be retained. (if someone has the link to the blog posts in question, I’d be much obliged)

So, without a further ado, the preview version of a Debian-specific version of the Stripes wallpaper:

edit: Multiresolution archive now available on kde-look and via GHNS.

So, if you maintain (or whatever you call it) artwork for your distro, and would like to have a distro-branded version, just send me an e-mail or find me on IRC.

p.s. Why Debian? I’m using it and the swirl looks awesome in Stripes :)

p.p.s. I know marketing people will not like the idea of distorting their logos, but… it looks rather cool! :D