It is nice that when you have something large to recompile, you can spend the time doing small things like breaking apart the Arch Linux logo and creating a new branded version of Stripes.

Just as before, you’re getting one version with original colour of the wallpaper, and one that uses distro’s colour. I’ve used the colour from the logo - a stronger shade of blue :)

I’ve spent some time with both of them on my desktop, and although the “strong” version doesn’t look anything special in a thumbnail, it is rather pleasant to use.

Stripes: Arch
Stripes: Arch


Previous wallpapers were just posted as previews here on the blog, but since this was not requested by the distro-art-managers of Arch, but only users, it will probably not end up as a part of the distro.

Edit Thanks to Pier for the hint, you can download the wallpapers from dropbox or sendspace. And I’ve added them to kde-look, so you can install them via GHNS.


Dropbox: * Stripes: Arch - 2MB * Stripes: Arch (strong) - 2.2MB

Sendspace: * Stripes: Arch - 2MB * Stripes: Arch (strong) - 2.2MB