I guess you all know the story how a comma “,” killed a man - the king wrote: Freedom not, death instead of Freedom, not death.

Well, something similar happened to Plasma recently. There was one (yes, just one) extra letter in the code, and the consequences were (not for all users, but a significant amount of them):

  • Panels didn’t have the resize controls, while the buttons for locking and other stuff remained.
  • System tray looked half-dead.
  • Buttons lost their backgrounds. Text was still shown.
  • Folder view lost the ‘selection’ controls.
  • Lancelot lost the no-click activation.
  • … and probably a lot more things I didn’t notice

So, a couple of minutes ago, I’ve made the smallest patch ever which killed a dozen bugs :)

Just remember that, whenever you step on a flower, it can produce a tsunami on the other end of the globe! :)