So, the Calligra announcement raised some eyebrows, and made big waves all across the world.

I guess you’ve seen a lot of articles lately that say things equivalent to “no more pasta with cheese and garlic, end of KDE?”. I guess it is /that/ time of the year again. When people have nothing to write about, they need to invent or /beautify/ the news.

And that, my children, that is called “journalism”.

The thing that always fascinated me is that people really like reading these things. You can’t imagine how many page hits I got when I posted a spoof of OS market share statistics with this post - “Linux and Firefox market share - the reality” (well, unfortunately, neither can I because my WP stats got wiped in the meantime, but it was rather big :) )

The conclusion: Orwell’s 1984 is not about communism and monitoring people…

p.s. I intentionally left out the links to the posts I’m referring to here, as they really don’t need any more publicity…