The FedoraTM story

I’ve made Fedora branded stripes to submit it for potential inclusion in F15. Unfortunately, Mairin (the famous Fedorartist) explained that wallpapers need to be published under a free license, and since mine contained Fedora logo, it can’t be (that is, Fedora logo is TMed).

So, because I didn’t want to really throw away what I made, I made it into a generic wallpaper dedicated to the infinity symbol. The nice thing is that due to the distortion, it still resembles an ‘f’, so for all you who requested a Fedora-branded Stripes, you can use this.

It is similar to the original Stripes with a bit stronger shade of blue.

Stripes: Infinity
Stripes: Infinity


This means that no further distro-branding will occur unless one of the following conditions are met:

  • I get an official request
  • The logo is published under GPL or similar license

For the second, if you use a distro that has it (for example, they ship with a replacement for a KDE icon that has a distro logo on the blue rectangle KDE logo used to be on), please give me a nudge.

Gnome 3 stripes

Well, I guess most of you saw screenshots of G3 and saw their version of stripes (the default wallpaper). It is fun that both KDE Stripes, and Gnome stripes were created (approximately) at the same time and (for me) truly represent the differences between KDE and Gnome artwork (like Oxygen icons vs Gnome’s).


I’ve got quite a few distro related requests. Some of them were made, some not yet. If you sent me a request, and you didn’t get the wallpaper, please send it again since I lost my mail archive.

I remember there was one distro with an owl as a logo, but I don’t remember the name :( … for others, I don’t even remember the logos.