A few discussions regarding the communication between FLOSS projects are going on now. I’m not going to get involved in those for the time being (mostly because Aaron already said enough) - I’m just going to mention something that has no connection to Gnome, Canonical, or anything like that.

I’ve recently found out that Lancelot was the default menu in Linux Mint.

How did I found it out? Thanks to this bug report which states that it was a showstopper for Linux Mint 10 to use Lancelot as default. The good news is that the bug was fixed in a matter of minutes after reporting.

The bad news was that nobody from the Mint even tried to notify me of anything. How does anyone expect bugs to be fixed if those are not reported?

From my point of view, this should have followed the following algorithm:

  1. Mint: Noticed a bug and they decided it was a showstopper for Mint 10 release
  2. Mint: Report a bug (either by mail, IRC or BKO) stating that they would need it fixed for the release
  3. Ivan: Fix the issue, commit to SVN (now GIT) and send a patch directly to Mint peeps

Would this be too much to ask?