This is a short post about one of the interesting events that is going to happen in Randa this summer.

Usually, multiple developer sprints are not held in the same place at the same time, but now we’re gonna have four very important ones from June, 1st to June, 7th in Randa, Switzerland - Platform 11 (kdelibs and kde platform sprint), Nepomuk, Multimedia and KDevelop.

I’ll have to develop a split personality for this one since I’m planning to get involved in P11 and Nepomuk as well. My main purpose over there will be to finish the activities backends and to push a few things into kdelibs.

Join the evolution

Aaron and Sebastian have already blogged about Platform 11 and the Nepomuk sprint so I’m not going to repeat what they said.

I’m just going to add that if you are interested in smarter handling of recent/favourite documents/web pages etc. based on user’s usage statistics and not only on the last access timestamp, if you want to have the possibility to retrieve documents that are tied to a specific project/task youre working on … and other activity-related stuff, you should join us and get the opportunity to discuss these topics in-person.

You might have noticed that this is the first time activities are a part of a sprint that is not Tokamak (Plasma sprint) - it is due to the fact that we’re expanding :) - the activities are now nicely separated into the libs/data/backends (Platform 11 + Nepomuk sprint) and user interface (Tokamak 5 - soon to be held in Nederlands).