Telepathy Shelf
Telepathy Shelf

I’ve been interested in Telepathy for some time now. And every time it was mentioned on PlanetKDE, I wanted to test it. Some things worked, some not. Now, that the important ones are functional - system settings module, contact list, chat window - I decided to start the preparations for Lancelot to switch from Kopete to Telepathy.

So far, I’ve managed to display the list of accounts, and it will soon show the contacts as well.

Plans for 4.7

AFAIK, Telepathy will not be replacing Kopete in 4.7, so Lancelot will still be using the old (current) contacts model.

With that said, there will be a possibility to use the Telepathy model in the Shelf applet - it will be available via the configuration dialogue.

For Lancelot, I’ll probably make a hidden (non-UI) option.

That’s all for now.