Ok, it is the time for me to blog from Randa and KDE Platform 11 and Nepomuk sprints.

KDE and Gnome collaboration
KDE and Gnome collaboration


One of the side effects of the /usage tracking/ is that we now know what document is currently being viewed/edited, so the Aaron’s S-L-C concept can finally come to life without using the fake dummy data.

Tasks Documents applet

This doesn’t exist yet, but when applications start reporting which documents they are showing, we’ll be able to make a fully document-oriented workspace for those that like that kind of stuff.

Zeitgeist integration

We (Nepomuk - Trueg and myself) and Zeitgeist people (Seif and Trever) had quite a few hours spent deciding the best way for the two systems to collaborate and I think we have done well. Apps that support Zeitgeist will automatically support us as well, and vice-versa. So, whether you are using a Gnome application in KDE, or KDE application in Gnome, it will just work(TM).

As you probably already know, I’m a sucker for fall-backs, so I still intend to make this work even if you disable one of the services. And it will work, but badly if you disable both of them.

Contour and Plasma Active

The thing worth mentioning is that I’m now a part-time member of the Contour team at basysKom, so you can expect these things to be finished faster than it was when I had to give focus to other non KDE-related projects.