Hi all,

While we all love and cherish our KDE browsers (Konq and rekonq) there are many users of Firefox and Chromium. And they can not use share-like-connect, they can not have their web-pages linked to activities, they can not …

Is there a brave soul in our community (or a few brave souls) that are willing to write a small addon for any of the aforementioned programs that will

  • know when a URL is loaded in a tab
  • know when the user switches between tabs
  • know the windowID of the window in which the tab resides, and
  • and report those events to the activity manager?

Talking to the activity manager is the easiest part of it all, it has C bindings, it is a d-bus service, so take your pick.

If you’re interested, please write to us on plasma-devel at kde.org