The summer is over, but we are only at the beginning of the wonderful Plasma2/KF5 voyage. So, what did I do so far, you ask?

A few things.

Shell switching

For some reason, I always start singing “Shell switching with my two favourite allies” when I get to think about this new Plasma mechanism.

This was the main part of my project for the summer - making the infrastructure to let Plasma adapt itself based on the environment it is running in. For the details on this, check out “Switching the Plasma Shells” post.

The main, and most fun side-effect of this work is that from now on, any QML-based application is able to access the hardware information provided by the uber-awesome Solid library, while it got even more hardware support - namely, it now detects the input devices under udev-based systems.

Activities for the new age

Porting KActivities to KF5/Qt5 was not supposed to be a part of the GSoC. The reason it came to be was that is it much more important for the rest of the development process of Plasma, than some of the originally planned tasks. Though, those are mostly done as well, but will be merged at a later stage - no point in putting finishing touches to something that is still under heavy development.

For more information about the changes in KActivities, see “KActivities for Qt5/KF5”.