I have a few questions that I’d like to hear an answer to from a wider user (and developer) community. Those revolve around the activity switching UI and the things it could have in plasma 2.

Currently, the switcher shows the name and the icon of an activity, and allows you to:

  • switch activities (duh)
  • create / delete activities
  • start / stop activities
  • change the name and icon

This is rather rudimentary. We have more information for the activities that somebody could find useful. We know:

  • which windows are currently open in an activity
  • which documents are open in an activity (for applications that support that kind of thing)
  • which documents have been opened in an activity in the past, along with which were most popular (kept open the longest, accessed multiple times etc.)
  • what is the wallpaper in the current activity, for running activities maybe even the screenshots of the windows

These are some of the things we could have:

  • marking activity as private in the sense of the private mode web browsing which would stop the usage tracking, etc. (not to be confused with encrypted activities we planned for Plasma Active which proved to be infeasible)
  • instead of creating blank or templated activities, we could optionally create activities containing the work from the last hour or so. This would move the windows and documents you are currently working on to the new activity (and move all the related recent usage statistics along with them)
  • some kind of search (for what?)

All comments on above, ideas for new things and even mock-ups are welcome!