I’ve been silent for the past month. More than a few obligations took me away from my regular kde schedule.

A few of those obligations are culminating in my talk at Meeting C++ this Saturday in Berlin, which will be about Monads put into chains. It is something that started in KActivities during the time I was sponsored by basysKom to work on it.

Afterwards, I saw a couple of blog posts regarding monads in c++, mostly written by Bartosz. Strangely enough, the first time I saw someone writing about the continuation monad in c++ was a few months after I started to use them in my code.

Then, I realized it might be interesting to a wider audience, and I have continued to work on refining those ideas into something really fun and useful.

Some parts have been presented at QtDevDays2013, some will be presented now at Meeting C++, and (hopefully) some finishing touches put in C++ Russia conference in Moscow this February.

p.s. I’m arriving to Berlin tomorrow, if anyone wants to go for a beer. :)