I’ve received a surprising invitation to give a talk in Budapest this July.

The main surprise was not the invite itself - I got it Zoltán whom I met at C++ Russia. It was in the fact that this it was not for a C++ event, but for a functional programming one - the Central European Functional Programming summer school.

I have to say I got intrigued, and started thinking about the topic for my lecture. At first, it felt strange to send anything mentioning C++, but then I saw that Zoltán’s lecture will be about immutable programming in C++, and that a few other familiar C++ guys have been invited as well.

In the end, I decided to talk about functional reactive proramming in C++ which will be a thrilling and enticing tale of event-based systems and the power of reactive streams. I’ll also cover some fun new things we are to expect from C++17 that are bringing even more functional programming concepts than we have in the current standard

C++ Budapest
C++ Budapest

If you look at the current schedule, you’ll see that Zoltán’s and mine are not the only planned C++ talks. Rainer Grimm (another really swell guy I met in Moscow) will talk about the functional capabilities of modern C++, and how they fare against Haskell.

Curently, three out of ten talks are dedicated to C++, one to Erlang (yay!), one to SaC (a single assignment variant of C), and one to F#. Other lectures seem to be lanuage agnostic, based on the currently available abstracts.

From the above, we can deduce that C++ is currently the most popular and most promissing functional programming language. Right? :)