I don’t usually post news, but I think that this needs some more exposure.

Once upon a time, Sean (aka half-left) made quite a few high-quality Plasma themes.

A lot of time has passed since then, and more than a few Gnome Shell themes came out from his workshop during that time.

I’d say that it was unfortunate for us. The themes he created used to be designed extremely well with attention to detail. Most 3rd party Plasma themes used to be either incomplete, or a mixture of visually not matching elements collected from different themes (at least that was my impression).

Since then, we got a great Visual Design Team, and we got an awesome default theme (and its dark version).

But, two themes are not enough. People have different tastes.

Now, Sean is back in the Plasma world.

You can see his work at http://half-left.deviantart.com/.