In my previous post, I’ve written about the new setup I use for activities, and that I have found out that I’m missing the feature of quickly switching back to the previous activity.

I was planning to create a keyboard shortcut for this, but Johan Ouwerkerk had a better idea - that I should make the activity switcher behave like the window switcher (the Alt+Tab thingie) - that the activities should not be alphabetical, but that the most recent ones should go first.

This way, switching to the previous activity is just a single Meta+Tab away.


Now, while the above is the main announcement, I also wanted to mention a tiny change to the Meta+Tab activity switching. Tiny, but important - as people say “the devil is in the detail”.

You might have noticed that for some time now, the activity switcher is showing when was the last time you used a particular activity. This information was useful, but not for the people who switch activities with Meta+Tab.

Previously, if you cycled through all activities with Meta+Tab, the last used times would all be set to the same time - because you did cycle through all those activities in one go.

Now, this behaviour is changed. The last used time is now changed only for the final activity you switch to.

Plasma to replace black holes

Not directly a part of this post, but stay tuned for more news - the Plasma team (and some other teams as well) will be gathering in CERN soon for a short development sprint, so Plasma is expected to get quite a few nice features.