As you might have seen, we are coming close to the most awesome Free/Libre Software conference – Akademy – the one and only place where you can meet a few hundred KDE contributors. It will be held in Berlin as a part and continuation of QtCon.

I’m going to give a talk there about all things that are wrong with the QFuture, and the things that might be fixed in the future (pun intended).

In general, futures are a great concept that allow developers to easily implement asynchronous and concurrent systems. But, why isn’t it the case with QFuture? I’ll try to cover a few things like what is wrong with the idea behind QFuture, what is wrong with its API, should we go for std::future (or boost::future instead and similar.

See you there!

p.s. If you are going to Akademy, you are free to use the above banner in your blogs and such. It is not the official VDG banner (we don’t have the official one yet as far as I know), but Jens likes it so it is almost as if it was the official one. :)

It comes in two different sizes, the regular and the slim one.