I’m currently in my final preparations for this year’s Akademy.

For people unaware of this conference, it is the annual conference of KDE contributors.

We tend to have a few dozen of high quality talks on various topics ranging from art and community building, to hard-core Qt and C++ talks.

This year, I’m going to have two talks. One on (obviously :) ) functional programming in C++, and one on C++17 and 20. The later one will be a bit self-serving because I’d like us to raise the compiler requirements for our software so that we could enjoy working in KDE even more.

The only thing more important than talks is the period after where the different teams within KDE meet-up to discuss the future plans. While we do it all the time on IRC and on the mailing lists, having face-to-face meetings is irreplaceable.

If you are near Almeria, join us – the conference is free for attendance!

Going to Akademy
Going to Akademy