I’ve just committed a helper script to KDE Activities that gets into all different build directories for the project you’re compiling, and runs the compilation. If all compiles successfully, it calls git commit.

I have decided to compile kactivities on a regular basis with GCC 4.7 (my default compiler), GCC 4.5 and Clang 3.1 to ensure no compiler specific things are being used, and no C++11 features that GCC 4.5 doesn’t support.

If anyone is interested, here it is:


# The script finds build directories for the current
# src directory and builds them
# For example, for the source dir:
#   /some/path/kde/src/project/whatever
# It finds:
#   /some/path/kde/build*/project/whatever


all_root_dir=`pwd | sed 's#/src/.*##'`

echo "src:   $src_root_dir"

for build_root_dir in $all_root_dir/build*; do
    echo "building in $build_root_dir"

    cd $current_dir
    current_dir_log=`OBJ_REPLACEMENT=s#$src_root_dir#$build_root_dir# makeobj`
    if [ "$?" = "0" ]
        echo "... success"
        echo "... FAILED"
        echo $current_dir_log

git commit

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