The last time I posted something like this, it was about RSI and using a tablet as a keyboard replacement.

Now, a different story.

I never have enough screen real-estate. I sometimes keep six files open at the same time in split-screens, but that requires my Vim windows to be maximized, and then I don’t see the terminal. So I can not see the results of auto-tests (for example), and the relevant code at the same time.

I was thinking of getting a bigger screen (an ultra-wide 21:9 one), but I don’t want to throw away the one I’m currently using - it works without any issues. And I do not really have the space for two screens on my desk.

Two screens
Two screens

The solution was to move the tmux session with the compilation and auto-tests output to a secondary device which can be seen on the picture here. Vim sends all needed commands to the tmux session using the awesome slimux plugin so that I don’t need to touch the second device at all.

This way, I have the most important stuff always on my main screen, while the second one has things that do not need attention that often.

p.s. Yes, that is a home-made replica of Tom Baker’s sonic screwdriver I made for a cosplay party.