A few weeks ago, I went to the Qt World Summit 2015.

Qt World Summit

I had two reasons to be there. One was that I was giving a talk on the (functional) reactive programming with Qt. The second was to help a bit with the organization - to help people minding the KDE booth, and to chair a session.

It was a nice opportunity to see some KDE friends I haven’t seen for a while, since I missed the aKademy this year.

Board dinner

For me, the trip started a few days before the conference, so I was there in time to join the KDE e.V. board dinner. We went to a nice place (one of my favourites) in Tiergarten. As you can see in the picture above, we left a mark on the wall of the place. I wasn’t inspired to actually draw anything more involved than a simple KDE logo, but it shows we were there.

Now, while it is always nice to see other KDE people in-person, my main reason for being there was the talk.

Strangely enough, even though quite a few people told me that they have no idea what “reactive” means, the room was packed. This time I wasn’t really in my element, was overly tired, but I think it went fine. I’ve had a few people contact me afterwards with further inquiries about the topic. Unfortunately, I had to skip Milian’s talk because of that.

The main mistake I kept making this time is not to repeat the audience questions. I completely forgot that there was no microphone for the audience. I hope you’ll be able to follow the talk with all the cut-outs of audience talking. :)